New information site is launched about the Genocide on 1915 is an information site, dedicated to the 1915 Genocide in Ottoman Turkey, which engulfed Armenians, Assyrian/Syriacs and Anatolian and Pontic Greeks. Press release by Armenica Company informs about this.

While there are number of excellent information sites on the Armenian Genocide, the new aims to explain the genocide to the general public by answering the most frequently asked questions about the events during WWI, their background, the denial policy, the recognition process and gathering other information and material such as images, videos etc. in one place. is the English version of the Swedish language which was released as part of the information campaign

prior to the recognition of the 1915 Genocide by the Swedish Riksdag on March 11, 2010. is created and maintained by in cooperation with the Uninon of Armenian Associations in Sweden. is a nonprofit project for spreading information about Armenia and its related issues.  For more information you can visit the site

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