Hollande wins the first round: second round of the Presidential elections will take place in France

Yesterday, on April 22, Sunday, Presidential election took place in France.
As Euronews writes François Hollande (Socialist Party) has won the first round of the election with around 28% of the vote. Incumbent president Nicolas Sarkozy (Centre RightUMP party) came a close second with almost 27%. This means that Hollande and Sarkozy will go through to the second round on May 6. The result which provoked most discussion however, was Marine Le Pen’s score of around 19%, which took the French National Front party, founded by her father Jean-Marie Le Pen, into third place.
Latest official results for all candidates:
François Hollande (Socialist Party) 28.10%
Nicolas Sarkozy (Centre Right UMP party) 26.98 %
Marine Le Pen (National Front) 18.76%
Jean Luc-Melenchon (Far-Left) 10.89%
François Bayrou (Centre) 9.19%
Eva Joly (Green) 2%
Nicolas Dupont-Aignan (Right, Eurosceptic) 1.8%
Phillippe Poutou (Far Left) 1.2%
Nathalie Arthaud (Far Left 0.7%)
Jacques Cheminade (Independent) 0.2%
Voter turn out is estimated to have been around 80% compared with 84% at the last elections.
Now that the pundits’ predictions are confirmed, much discussion centres on the nearly 19% polled by the French National Front. Whether or not her voters will support Hollande or Sarkozy in the final run off on May 6 will doubtless be crucial to the result. Especially as Sarkozy will simultaneously be wooing them and the centrists who voted for Bayrou.
Overall, commentators are pointing out that the far-left has done less well than expected and the far-right rather better than predicted.
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