Turkey is a hell for an antagonist author. Serkan Engin


Socialist Laz poet from Turkey, Serkan Engin who recognizes Armenian Genocide share his thoughts with He is famous in Turkey as an antagonist and brave writer who is not afraid of writing about Genocide issues. His political articles have been published in many countries like USA, Greece, Sweden, India, Armenia, France, Indonesia, etc.

- Mr. Ergin you are one of the rare intellectuals in Turkey who recognizes Armenian Genocide. What is the reason of your attitude?
I’m talking about these genocides, because this is an obligation from my conscience. This is an ethical duty for me as an honest and honorable intellectual. This is my debt and obligation to humanity. I want to talk about all these genocides perpetrated my Turk ancestors, because in Turkey you must declare the truth loudly, against the lies of the so-called official history.

I’m the child who shouts "The Emperor is naked". I’m devoting myself to the truth at the cost of my life and freedom, because I want to create and increase awareness about these atrocities, so that similar crimes against humanity won’t be perpetrated again.

I refuse to be “proud of” my ancestors who raped little girls, burned children alive, enslaved women and brutally slaughtered millions of innocent people.

-Mr Engin, please tell us the reflections of your struggle in Turkey on Armenia Genocide

In Turkey I can be easily killed any time. I have big support from many Armenians all over the world. Some Armenians blame me to try to get Noble as some fascists blame me.

Many Armenian or no Armenian newspapers published my articles and interviews on Armenian Genocide. But Agos preferred to ignore, because they are in fear. Yes, this is normal maybe I have respect, but even I am not an Armenian , a Laz-Turk I have struggle in death risk. So do they have right of being in fear?

Rober Koptas insulted me as saying "these articles don't have any news value"
Also he said "there hundred and thousand like you ,we must make news about all of them?".
An Armenian newspaper in Argentina makes news about me, but not my country's Armenian newspaper Agos. A well-known news website in Sweden publishes my article on Armenian genocide, but not Agos  A Greek newspaper publishes my article on Armenian, Greek, Assyrian genocide, but not Agos

Karin Karakasli had banned me at twitter because I wanted her to RT the link of my first article at “Armenpress” named being a « Being Turk is insufferable shame: Turkish poet» If they don't have struggle as brave as me, why do I continue much? Why do I take the risk of being killed? Am I stupid? Artin Barbetian blamed me to try to get Nobel price...that is a big insult for me...also he added "these interviews have no value" Struggle power and enthusiasm have been much decreased because of this insulting behavior of Agos Newspaper and some Armenians in Turkey. I have big support only from Armenians on Diaspora and Armenia...

Some "famous" Armenians in Turkey prefer to ignore my "dangerous" articles telling the truth on genocides...

I have no enough support in Turkey even by Armenian intellectuals and this make me an easy target for racists. I can be easily killed because there is no one behind me, եven Armenian authors/journalists in Turkey. I am lonesome at this struggle because I write very clear. I said the awful truths bravely.

Of course this also shows the situation of freedom of express in Turkey. Turkey is a hell for an antagonist author.


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