H. Tumanyan’s house in Tbilisi belongs to Armenians

House of Armenian great writer Hovhannes Tumanyan in Tbilisi now belongs to Armenia. The trade process is already fulfilled. The historical agreement between Writers’ Pan-Armenian Foundation and Arshil Lejava has already signed.
As panorama.am informs Chairman of Armenian Writers’ Union Levon Ananyan informed that the issue is settled and the keys of the house have been handed to him ceremonially.
L. Ananyan also informed that the house already belongs to Armenians. It will become a cultural center, will certainly be after H. Tumanyan but now it not clear yet which activities here will be held. According to L. Ananyan the decision will be by Armenian Government, by Armenian Community in Georgia and the leaders of the Armenian diocese in Georgia.
Ababyan also noted that the house is in normal condition, the former owner restored it during the last time, the doors are changed. “Some thousands USD are needed and it will be completely renewed”, he said.
A. Lejava sold the house with cost 145.000 USD. Gyumri Mayor Vardan Ghukasyan and his brothers agreed to buy it. They have transferred the money to the foundation and the latter fulfilled the treaty.
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