Expert: Resolution accepted by Pakistan may be bought with petrodollars

Expert on Iran, deputy dean of the Faculty of Oriental Sciences of Yerevan State University Vardan Voskanyan referred to the resolution accepted Pakistani Senate recently, which is about so called “Xocali genocide”. The announcement by the expert especially says: “On February 1, 2012 Pakistani Senate accepted a resolution which recognizes the events of 1992 in Xocali town as genocide.

Pakistan is a state which is created artificially with serious ethic violations. And the resolution accepted by the International Affairs Department of the Senate is just unserious.

This resolution is unserious especially from taking into consideration the fact that at least two nations in Pakistan accuse this Government in making genocide towards them. I speak about Belujis and Pashtuns.

It is significant the speaker of US State Department Victoria Newland was asked about the Belujis genocide on the beginning of the year by Twitter and the US high level official expressed her deep troubles though she did not use the word genocide. Anyway this is the first case when the USA refers to the Belujis genocide issue on such level.

So, the Pakistani authorities would better to be engaged in their own issue and to be involved in Xocali which is terra incognita for an ordinary Pakistani person.

And besides this Pakistani authorities are too corrupted. The index published by “Transparency International” on corruption proves this every year. And it is not excluded that the resolution is just bought by Azerbaijani petrodollars.”

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