Azerbaijan continues violating ceasefire regime on the border

According to the press service of Artsakh Defense Army more than 250 cases of ceasefire violation has been registered during the passing week on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border, Artsakh. During this term more than 1500 shots were recorder to the directions of Armenian position and various types of weapon was used.

Artsakh Defense Army first departments strictly protected ceasefire regime and protected the positions on the whole border confidently.

OSCE MG and the whole international society calls on both sides to protect ceasefire regime on the border and to let reduce the strained situation in the region, but Azerbaijani side continues violating ceasefire and makes the situation strained. No word of confidence between the sides can be as more as Azerbaijan continues shooting on the border. OSCE will hold the next monitoring on the border in coming week.

By the way, Azerbaijan made obstacles for the OSCE which intended to create some mechanisms to study the incidents on the border. 

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