Kh. Suqiasyan’s candidacy is denied: he will appeal to the court

The electoral committee held the next session at the tenth electoral territory and it was decided to deny the candidacy of Khachatur Suqiasyan. The former deputy presented his candidacy by majority system. 10th electoral territory includes a part of the Yerevan center.

Head of the 10th electoral committee Samvel Yazryan announced that the documents presented by the candidate are “incomplete or fake”.

Remind that Khachatur Suqiasyan sent an open letter to the electoral committee and asked to fasten the resignation of his candidacy as the pre-electoral campaign will start soon and some problems may appear.

Kh. Suqiasyan’s lawyer Ara Zohrabyan noted during the briefing with the journalists that they are going to appeal the decision at the administrative court.

“We are sturdy and we will apply to the administrative court. If we do not success at the Armenian courts we will apply to the European court”.

The lawyer announced that the application will be prepared in some days and they will strat to act.

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