Armenian Genocide victims will be commemorated in Glendale

On April 23 Armenian young people will organize a candle lighting and commemoration evening devoted to the memory of Armenian Genocide victims. The event is organized by the “United Armenian young people” organization.

As informs the candle lighting will take place at 19:00 at Glendale Civic concert hall, at Northern Verdugo 1401 address.  

Many guests and speakers are expected to attend the evening and politicians of the Glendale as well will come.

Armenians all over the world mark 97th anniversary of Armenian Genocide. Armenian Genocide is one of the dark and terrible crimes which have ever been committed against humanity. 1.5 million Armenians were killed cruelly, raped and annihilated in the Ottoman Empire.

Armenians who managed to survive escaped to foreign countries ant to the USA as well.

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