Lebanese Foreign Minister: We reject recognizing so-called Istanbul Council

Lebanese Foreign Minister, Adnan Mansour, said on Saturday that Syria will get out of the crisis, stressing Lebanon’s rejection of recognizing the so-called “Istanbul Council” and of imposing sanctions on Syria.

In an interview with Russia Today TV Channel, Mansour added that as long as there are “wise people” and superpowers in this world seeking to create a balance, there is no need to be afraid for Syria.

The Lebanese Minister stressed that the national dialogue is the only solution to get out of the crisis in Syria, pointing out that the Syrian leadership has fulfilled the aspirations of the Syrian people for reform.

Mansour asserted his country’s rejection of recognizing the so-called ‘Istanbul Council’ as a representative of the Syrian people, adding that Lebanon will not allow this council to open an office in Beirut.

He pointed out that Lebanon will not implement the sanctions imposed on Syria, adding that Lebanon has rejected foreign interference in Syria’s internal affairs from the beginning because foreign interference will not serve Syria, rather it will further complicate the crisis.

He described the Russian and the Chinese stance which rejected interference as “wise” because foreign interference prolongs the crisis, which would bring instability to Syria in the long term and this would reflect negatively on Lebanon.

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