Israel “believes” that Iran does not create nuclear bomb and “Iranian-Israeli Facebook love” was born

Israel has announced for many times that it would attack Iran as Iran did not agree to stop the nuclear enrichment. According to Israeli officials Iranian plans are dangerous for the region and they planned to prevent those plans.

“Despite saber-rattling from Jerusalem, Israeli officials now agree with the U.S. assessment that Tehran has not yet decided on the actual construction of a nuclear bomb”, Fox News writes quoting to senior Israeli government and defense figures.

Even so, there is great concern in Israel about leaving Iran “on the cusp” of a bomb — explaining why Israel continues to hint at a military attack on Iran’s nuclear installations before it moves enough of them underground to protect them from Israel’s bombs.

The United States is playing up its assessment that Iran has not made its final decision in a public campaign to persuade Israel to call off any attack plan and allow the increasingly harsh sanctions against Iran time to persuade Tehran to back down.

The concern — which is widely shared in Israel as part of a complex calculation — is of an Iranian retaliation that might spark regional conflict and send oil prices soaring, at a time when the world economy is already struggling and U.S. presidential elections loom.

USA announced some time ago that it had some doubts about the success of Israeli attack on Iran.  

“In advance of Netanyahu’s White House visit and during a speech to a powerful pro-Israel lobby, President Barack Obama took an increasingly assertive tone about U.S. refusal to tolerate a nuclear Iran and willingness to block that militarily”, Fox news writes.

Iran claims that its nuclear enrichment is just for the civilian needs and it is not going to stop the enrichment. Iranian officials announced for many times that they are ready to have constructive negotiation.

There is other interesting news concerning Iranian-Israeli relations. As writes the Facebook campaign “Israel loves Iranhas begun to receive numerous responses from Iranians, who stared responding to the Israeli initiative that calls on people to announce their love for the Iranians by posting pictures on Facebook.

Up to Saturday night, graphic artists Ronny Edry and his wife, Michal Tamir, who began the campaign, were still trying to persuade Iranians to respond to the dozens of Israelis that put up posters of themselves with the words, “Iranians, we will never bomb your country, we [heart] you.”

On Sunday their labor bore fruit, as more and more posts by Iranians started popping up on their Facebook page, in response to their Israeli counterparts.

“My Israeli friends, I do not hate you; I do not want war. love, Peace,” read many Iranian posters that were posted by Iranians to the new group page. Most of the Iranians, who posted messages to the Facebook group, did so with their faces partially veiled, probably out of fear from the Iranian authorities. On Saturday, Edry said that Iranian group members explained that they could be arrested if recognized in the photos.

“Dear Israeli Friends and World! Iranians love peace and we hate hate!…and we don’t need any Nuclear Power to show it!” one poster caption stated.

“I’m from Iran and love your idea and your efforts against war and for peace. I am really happy to get to know you and people like you, and hope to find more people like you. Here in Iran the situation is complicated and many people hate the governments and their bullshit,” another anonymous Iranian wrote in a poster he published.

Like any other web phenomena, humoristic and cynical responses to the initiative were quick to appear. For example, a mock post by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, reading: “Iranians I love you. I truly truly love you. It’s my people I hate.” Another poster promised Swedish girls that Israel would never bomb their country.

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